Portal of the warped ones.

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Portal of the warped ones.

Post by Josephüs on Fri Nov 13, 2009 7:47 pm

On the outskirts of a small ghost town, about twenty miles from the nearest city an enormous, strange unused portal unlike all the others stands ominously. Decrepit and full cracks in its surface, demonically gothic in its architecture it is a giant emerald, carved in the shape of a screaming skull. In an almost perfect two hundred yard circle of land around it every withered, dead and barren as if something strangled the life out of them... And scattered about were many signs, most were simple wooden saying "DANGER!!!!" or "Keep out!" but nearer to the portal was one, more specific sign, much larger than the others, letters hardly legible at a distance. It was a government sign that read.

“Property of the government, do not touch, monster gate.
Mining of gem structure: Prohibited
Setting foot in dead zone: Prohibited
Loud noise in vicinity: Prohibited.
Portal activation: STRICTLY prohibited.”

“Enter at own risk” reads another.

But clearly, many did not listen; many bodies were strewn around the portal, betrayed by their greed they tried to tear it down, many not getting very far, most torn apart by creatures on the other side. Several heavy machines just rusting away amongst the dead, stench of gasoline and oil drowned out by the macabre rank of the rotting dead… Cops, beggars, miners, criminals and mercenaries, all were trying to get a piece… Slowly killing off the town’s residents with its alluring promise of prosperity it became the ultimate irony for the once struggling town.

The question is… Do you dare attempt to approach it?

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