Where does yer character live?

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Where does yer character live?

Post by KrazeeJack on Tue Nov 10, 2009 7:23 pm

Just a lil' random thread i wanted to start, cause i wanted t'tell y'guys about m'chara's room. xD Go ahead an' post where yer character lives. Be as Detailed as possible, too! Very Happy

Awright, So K.J. as some know lives down in Sector 89, the Abandoned subway city underneath Rosewell, the more Richer town just several feet above Sector 89. The underground town is Littered with old Abandoned Trains that either have broken down, been partially destroyed over time, or didn't meet the requirements for hitting the Rails. The underground city is Huge, as well, probably about the same size as Rosewell, with a few more railroads leading into the City.

K.J. lives in one of the old High class train carts used to transport the wealthy people of the city around the place. The train is a total wreck, except for where the Cement insolation has managed to survive behind the reinforced steel plating. the cart is near Ancient but still has room, where the Seats have been ripped out K.J. has replaced the space with stolen adhesive fuzzy brown carpeting, somewhat matted, along with a large slightly ripped up mattress in the corner, near the Bathroom stall. Next to the bed is a plain wooden coffee table that lays out all of her Drugs and Incense.

The whole place is lighted with two sources of Light. One of which is a custom made stolen set of Black lights that emit "Natural" light, incapable of Damaging skin or causing cancer, instead, it causes the Skin to absorb vitamin D from the Rays of the Black lights. A sort of futuristic way of using Black lights without damaging anything in or on your body.

The other source of light are two 100 watt Lightbulbs that hang from the ceiling of the Train cart Room. Small, but very effective.

The rest of the walls are a Deep but slightly faded Navy blue color with cracks all around, and Separate ventilation boxes around the place, allowing fresh air to come in and out, All of which have handles for opening and closing to keep either hot air in or Cold air out.

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Re: Where does yer character live?

Post by Stitchy DSG on Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:04 pm

So tiny ass words. Drak has 2 major places of residence; with Nyx and in Terra Belle. Since Ragzi and I have yet to finalize details involving there house I'll describe his Terra Belle crib.

Terra Belle, early on in it's inception was a large port town. But after the companies moved the ports they used the economy nosedived, and anyone rich enough to move, moved.

Drak came into the city at an early age and moved into a basement apartment with Stikkee and his dad Ryder.
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